How Not To Multi-Task At Work

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How Not To Multi-Task At Work

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With a smartphone and laptop connected to 4G or wifi at anywhere and anytime, multi-tasking is becoming more accessible and prevalent in everyday life, allowing us to execute multiple works altogether with ease. Average working hour is around 8 to 10 hour per day (depends on your role). Multi-task is heavily required in our current workforce and is tough to handle every day. When we are engaged in too many heavy workloads at once, it becomes more difficult to focus on solution.

Despite that technological advantage we’re having, multi-tasking is also seen as a double-edged sword, since people can simultaneously work while doing other things like surfing on Facebook, online shopping or even light gaming on web browsers, it can create unwanted distractions that slowly drag you out of the workflow and affect your productivity negatively.

Along with that, here are several signs of troubling issues that you may associate with when multi-task at work:

There’s no doubt that Facebook is filled with intriguing contents that can attract you into interacting with it nowadays – from mini-games, memes, viral stories to fuel your gossiping materials and even tips to improve your daily workflow.

Ironically, Facebook can also reduce your concentration to work by providing you constantly updated contents that can take forever to surf them all. Even worse, they’re designed in a way to draw your full attention without leaving a gap for you to focus on your work or other things around you.

For that irritating reason, it’s recommended to keep yourself focused on work by limiting your interaction with Facebook: avoiding 3rd-party applications (games, apps); turning off your Chat to keep it offline; timing your Facebooking time on phone to set a routine; etc. And if possible, deleting Facebook app on your smartphone is also recommended.

Listening to songs with lyrics:

It’s true that countless researches have proven the benefits of listening to music while working: having better concentration; feeling relaxed while staying in noisy environment or doing repetitive jobs; easing the stress during work; etc.

But that’s the case when applying appropriate pieces of music. It’s a whole different story when listening to songs that create more distraction than keeping you concentrated such as rock, rap, pop, or songs that contain lyrics in general. They’re best at distracting you since we can unconsciously mimic and repeat the words, which drags your attention to work away easily.

For recommendation, it’s better to choose instrumental songs like lounge or chillout with repeated tunes and beats so your concentration will be reinforced while keeping your mind chilled.

Eating messy snacks while working:

Snacks pay an important role in every day’s office life: It replenishes your lost energy, filling your empty stomach so your brain can continue working at ease, or simply keeping you on edge when dealing with mounts of information.

Unfortunately, not many know how to keep their fingers clean while eating and working – from typing on keyboards, swiping the screen to handling sheets of papers, which lead to countless accidents that involve oiled fingertips on important files or messy keyboards. The “culprits” behind that are from the snacks you’re having: crisps, takeaways or worse, ice-creams.

Solving this sloppy situation is simple: replace them with non-messy snacks such as dried or whole fruits, drinks with a straw, shakes and especially nuts – anything that won’t leave watery trails or crumbs everywhere on the desk.

Doing two things at once:

Surely you can teach your brain to draw a circle and a square simultaneously with your left and right finger as a way to train it to multi-task, but that’s just a simple work. What about complex ones?

Like a computer with limited performance, pushing it to run multiple, complicated programs on a single run can slowly reduce its performing quality, causing it to crash or simply stop working later on, which is like your brain: forcing yourself to do multiple things at once will not only reduce your productivity, the result after work will not be as effective as handling those work one at a time.

Finish whatever you’re typing first to clear your mind, then continue to check on those papers your colleague’s sent you or scan through lines of emails from your boss, … Do all of them in a run, but do it one by one.

Not letting yourself fidget:

Focusing on your work is important, but since you’re using your brain with less muscles to focus on the task, it may create an unintentional drawback that limits your productivity.

Scientific researches from Britain have provided some interesting facts about people who fidget during work: from tapping feet to the floor, standing up and down to stretching and walking around the desks can greatly reduce the mortality percentage, allowing you to feel more productive while keeping your body and brain from falling asleep.

Therefore, fidgeting a bit while working can actually benefit you more during work than sitting still for a long period of hours.


Avoiding those common mistakes will not only do yourself a huge favour during multi-tasking. Your productivity will be effectively advanced, ensuring your work will be done with ease. While having some break time to actually do release stress by Facebooking or light gaming.


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